Khyati Education and Research Foundation

Registered Under Government of India NGO – Indian Trust Act 1882

Registered Under Government of India
NGO – Indian Trust Act 1882

Aim and scope

Khyati Education and Research Foundation

Every person has a different goal in their life, but ultimately everyone wants an opportunity to achieve their goals. Education helps everyone to create their opportunity by themselves with the knowledge and skill they have practiced, for this, KERF has decided to help in becoming indefectible. Our Aim and Scope is to contribute to achieving your goal of life.

Most of the time it will become difficult to take advantage of the opportunity due to lack of perfection. Knowledge should not be limited to the books it should be practiced and implemented in real life. KERF wants to make sense of life through the help of education and techniques which will help to implement skills in life.

Our main focus is on Banking, Yoga, Marma Chikitsa, Paramedicals, and Publication. Nowadays youth wants to crack banking exams, the reputation for cracking the exam and good income option attracts them to make it their goal of life. Health is a big issue in today’s society, we want to make our society and youth’s life smooth and hassle-free from any type of disease for this we are providing Yoga, Marma Chikitsa and Paramedical Courses. Society should know the power of Yoga and Marma Chikitsa which are the natural ways to cure. We are providing one more course of Publication for connecting new innovative minds in this field, which will try to implement interesting, innovative, improving methods in the field of Publication.

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