Khyati Education and Research Foundation

Registered Under Government of India NGO – Indian Trust Act 1882

Registered Under Government of India
NGO – Indian Trust Act 1882


Khyati Education And Research Foundation

Khyati Education and Research Foundation (KERF) is registered as a non-profit society (Under the Societies Registration Act, 1860), Government of India with the vision of various accredited vocational courses in healthcare, education, paramedical, yoga, Marma chikitsa, publications,  development of content writing skill, medical content writing, research content, banking, and finance sector, etc. KERF vision to support all the students and working professional that wants to grow with our highly experienced and expert professionals who will provide them training and guidance in enhancing knowledge for improving the skills and help to become successful professionals and achieving these goals. We are providing courses that are different from others, we are producing a support system for all students by our experienced professionals that will provide guidance and knowledge for improving the skills and help to become successful in life. We will create an environment for students that may inspire them to learn and grow. This cannot bind by any kind of discrimination.


KERF is an association with large no of the medical fraternity, including different medical specialties.  Our group of learned professional guides their best to pursue an education and career. KERF moving hand in hand with technological advances and has gained recognition as a stronger and better training platform provider for professionals and students in the areas. The courses are designed to produce strong quality professionals that can continue their studies in India and can also be eligible for exemptions in various courses offered by the universities in countries around the Globe. The importance of quality healthcare is known to our founders and members, thus numerous efforts are being made to offer friendly however effective and simple regular, part-time and online/distance sources of our training/coaching.


Our vision is to be a platform of global standing for serving to carrier oriented peoples and to guide all Researchers to disseminate their research to build up knowledge. Nobody feels an absence of direction for turning into an effective and successful personality. KERF needs to feel proud of the country that gave us the knowledge of Yoga through which anyone can build their working capabilities and mental harmony which helps a person to accomplish objectives. We want to provide equal rights of education, knowledge, and opportunity to everyone without any kind of discrimination, we can make this kind of scholarly world with the assistance of you.

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