Khyati Education and Research Foundation

Registered Under Government of India NGO – Indian Trust Act 1882

Registered Under Government of India
NGO – Indian Trust Act 1882

Basic course in yoga

Khyati Education and Research Foundation

Base Course

                                                           (1 Month)


This is the base course for beginners who have an interest in Yoga and want to increase their knowledge under the guidance of our expert professionals in Yoga. This is necessary to do Yoga under the guidance of professionals who has experience in this particular field, experienced professional knows what to do and how to do according to the rules and regulations of Yog Kirya. Yoga is a natural way to cure disease, this will help you to strengthen your immunity and improves your health in a natural way. It will increase your working capability and mental peace, which is most important for nowadays life.

After understanding all these requirements of day to day life we are providing short term courses in Yoga. The duration of this short term course will be 1 month in which we will give you the professionalized knowledge of Yog which should a beginner knows. This course will really helpful for you to make your life easy and you will be able to do Yog in the right way.

Course Name

Base Course in Yog Science for Beginners

Our Aim

The aim of the course is to introduce the basic knowledge and practice of Yog for making our society healthy.

Our Objectives

  • To improve the basic knowledge about the principles of the Yogic Kirya in society.
  • To cultivate health habits through the knowledge of Yog.
  • To encourage Yoga for preventing the diseases and health promotion for making society healthy.  

Course Eligibility

Anyone who is interested to learn Yog and have some knowledge of writing in Hindi and English, No age and qualification bar is applicable. We believe that knowledge should not be bound by any age or any kind of discrimination. We want to encourage the interest in Yog and want to enhance the reach of Yog in our society.


The duration of this course is 1 month in which classes will hold on for alternate days. You can choose your batch days and time according to your convenience, which will be fix for every class until the course will not be finished.


We are providing 2 timing for the class you can choose anyone which suits you best.

How to Register

You can register online for joining the course. We are providing new batches details online so that anyone can get to know that from when new batch will start and you can join it.

Health Criteria

We can understand that the importance and awareness of Yog are increasing day by day in the society it might be possible that you are suffering from acute/chronic/communicable diseases then you are allowed to take admission but if you are not feeling well while practicing Yog then you should discuss with us.

Fee Structure 



Registration Fees



Course Fees



Workshop and Accessories




Maximum 30 Candidates in a batch


Hindi / English


Maximum 80% attendance should be compulsory

Rules and Regulations

  • Dress code: It should be T-Shirts and trousers or Kurta-Pyjama for Men

                     T-Shirts and trousers or Salwar-Kamij for women

  • Fees once paid should not be refundable but it could be interchangeable for a limited time period.
  • Candidates should carry ID cards issued by us in every class for attending the class.
  • Candidate should not eat anything before 3 to 4 hours before or during the class.
  • Candidates must follow the instruction given by our experienced professionals.
  • Candidate should maintain the decorum of the class and should maintain the discipline during the course.
  • The decision of the Director will be final in case of any dispute.