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Depressed calveria over superior sagittal sinus (sss)

Article : Open access

Article type : Research Article

Volume : 6

Issue : 1

Year : 2020

Author : Anuj Kumar Tripathi, Vishal Singh

Page no : 6-7

Abstract : The use of surgical treatment for depressed skull fractures that are located over major venous sinuses is a matter of controversy. However, if clinical and radiological findings of sinus obliteration and related intracranial hypertension are present, surgical decompression is indicated. Depressed skull fracture over superior sagittal sinus (SSS) is most common type of dural venous sinus injury with significant morbidity and mortality. Depressed skull fractures over SSS occasionally lead to occlusion of SSS, resulting in secondary intracranial hypertension and neurological deficit. The use of surgical management in these cases is a matter of controversy. Here, we are reporting surgically treated twelve cases of SSS injury due to depressed skull fracture with good outcome. Keywords: Head injury, Skull fracture, Superior sagittal sinus.